Rajkahini | Srijit Mukherji Redefining Epic


Nirbaak appeared to be the perfect pit-stop for Srijit with yet another multi-starrer coming en-route. The epic drama, Rajkahini is an affair of agony, hatred, yet a misty hint of affection has been aptly expressed by the director. The film is studded with stars and actors and the combination has worked out fairly well to appeal to cinephiles beyond the regional boundaries. The article will present an analysis on Rajkahini both from the analyst’s and the audience’s point of view.

Rajkahini is Cinema that could have been outplayed by the acting part; however, Srijit has left behind a signature in each frame. Beginning of Rajkahini is worth all the appreciation that any director would admire to receive from the audiences i.e. moist lids at the appearance of a heinous scene of a rape victim of the {tending to be independent} era. The way she expresses her agony by twisting out her lower garment is indeed the unfolding of the film’s theme and the sufferings of women of the era.

The synopsis of the film revolves around the theme of partition that takes into account the evasion of a brothel; this is most needed as this is centered on the Indo-Pak border. Hence, conflict surrounds the brothel and its belongings i.e. the prostitutes. But, to the attention of the viewers, this is the sole place at that time deprived of religion discrimination.

Speaking from the audience’s point of view, Rajkahini is a smooth-paced film that is indeed breathtaking and will not let you feel at peace on viewing the agony of the prostitutes; you ought to identify or at least empathize with their sufferings and pain.

Speaking from the filmmaker’s perspective, this is a well-laid film much improved from the auteur’s last few and now, he can number to step to the larger spectrum of filmmaking with Rajkahini. Rituparna, along with Parno Mitra has acted as per the director’s demands; tagging them so considers their roles in their recent films. The film has not only let them break their shackles, but has also glamorized the de-glam look to its zenith. At least, I do not remember anyone who had done so in the brothel arena other than Ketan Mehta or Shyam Benegal. Ridhima has been the perfect show stopper to the episode of agony, while actors like Sohini, Sayani seeming to be a bit overworked.  Even, if I start listing the performances of Saswata, Kaushik Sen, Rudranil, Jisshu, I cannot withdraw the signature of Srijit in Rajkahini, as this is entirely a director’s film. However, at times, Rajkahini seemed to be lacking details or at times, superposed with partially artificial details; more than this, what has come to notice is the director’s noble perception of the issue and rather than heightening it, he has actually enlightened it. Rating it 6.5 out of 10!

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