Know the Young

YBioscope is a noble venture started by two persons, Aneek Chaudhuri and Hirak Sengupta. This is an initiative started to seriously focus on Indian Cinema; if we talk of our country, Indian Cinema has been able to produce creme stuffs, although has been unsung throughout. We, the curators of Cinema, are on our trials to highlight the important aspects displayed through Indian Cinema in front of the world.

Who is Aneek Chaudhuri?

Aneek Chaudhuri is a Research Scholar from Delhi. Talking about his formal education, he is a filmmaking graduate from CRAFT, Delhi; Aneek had already completed his professional education from University of Cambridge, Stanford University, M.O.M.A., United Nations, Columbia University etc. before being acclaimed for his theoretic knowledge of films. With white papers getting published in IJOART, IJIRD, IOSR, ROR, and GTRJ, he is indeed the youngest Research Scholar in Film Studies in world. Recently, he has been featured for his idea of involving perception of audiences in making socially effective films, at CSR-vision. Cinema’s Three Layers is a book on Film Studies written by Aneek Chaudhuri that has got published in India, recently. Moreover, he has also worked for Johnson & Johnson, MINT etc.

Currently, unable to clearly combat the sweet conflict between arts and commerce, he is working as a Content Entrepreneur in Delhi-NCR. He is the Senior Editor at AAMRAUNMAAD.


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