Kinkini Sen on the film and its director : Canvas of a Son

Kinkini Sen writes…

Being a cinema lover, I always take a keen interest on films, starting from script to direction, everything related to it. Earlier I used to work for a small independent production house, *Studio15*as a PR and content writer. As this cinema world is a large circuit, I got to know the director from then. That was a big time for Aneek as the film *The wife’s letter* went global and got a high deal of appreciate.


On a sudden day, he called me up and told that he will work on his upcoming project very soon. And he wants me to act in his film but it is a not a feature movie like the previous one (as he knew after a small conversation that I am interested in acting and films).I was quite shocked and happy at the same time. I was in shock because getting such an offer from such a reputed film person was next to impossible in my life. And was happy because I could not believe my ears that Aneek is approaching me to do a film.

For me, making shorts films are more tough because I know it is quite challenging for a director to tell the whole story to the audience in such a short span of time. I loved his script at the first instance because he wants to show the difference between the vague and clear image of *mother-son relationship*.

A person’s sense of right and wrong depends on the picture happening around them. So aneek wants to convey a message through this short film *Canvas of a son* that everything that is nude is not vulgar. He wants to entrench the fact that nudity is nothing but art. So I liked his script a lot. His obscure ideas regarding the film are impressive.

Coming to the shooting day, I was too nervous as I was suppose to give my best. But then again, Aneek made it all easy for me. Thanks to other actors for the needful cooperation. The whole team was very dedicated.

Aneek tried his best to make me comfortable as the character he chose for me was tough and a little different from others. There was a scene where I had to lay back in a relaxed position, so aneek helped me doing that also.

I really cannot recount those things. He scrutinized my wrong acts and helped me, rectifying it. I am lucky that I came across such a connoisseur who will help me to grow as an actor in the long run. This is how I made my debut and now, looking forward to many more.

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