A Few Words on Streer Potro from Aneek Chaudhuri

Just a few days prior to the National Premiere of The Wife’s Letter or Streer Potro, I would like to notify the guests or viewers of the things that arrive with a caution in this film; this is indeed a film meant for serious buffs and I mean it.

The film spans for over two hours where the viewers will be exposed to three worlds of cinematic brilliance and hence, one would actually observe things that are not desired always. One would be exposed to mundane routines, which has been aptly used in this film with references to the Tagore-ish text. But, at the end of the day, one should not forget that the film has just utilized the Tagore’s piece as a prop.

Monotonous! I would rather say that the film is realistic without the prime motive to entertain audiences; perhaps, this is a film that puts the audience to test their novice attitude toward cinema. Therefore, patience is the phenomenon to interpret The Wife’s Letter.

Following are the things that one should be draped in before watching this movie:
One should be patient for the depiction
One should not attend the screening to be entertained
One should respect the integrity of Cinema
One should be realistic enough to interpret the film


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