Streer Potro: I Care Only About Cinema, Nothing Else

Streer Potro is on the verge to release in festivals, and I am about to speak my mind out to the audiences. What is Streer Potro all about? Is it all about an adaptation of Rabindranath Tagore’s Streer Potro? Is it another complex work produced by me? Or, it is nothing that has yet been assumed by you all? Be patient to get your queries answered.


Before I started my entourage to the vision of this script, I was working on my documentary Urban Voice, and henceforth, Streer Potro pricked out to be the perfect momentary lapse of intellect. You all might be aware of how it feels when one is thoroughly preparing the outline of a documented piece; and one needs a breath to compensate the tone of the situation. Streer Potro had been the perfect accompaniment of those times. However, it began as an adapted version of Tagore’s work. Somewhere in the middle, I thought that the former creation was a linear structure of emotions and hence no gap was left for Mrinal’s husband to justify himself (that was my thought, completely).

It got shelved temporarily and I came down to Kolkata from Delhi for the premiere screening of Urban Voice; this proved to be a success in this city. And eventually, the script had to be crafted into a feature film that too in my own way of Cinema making. This Streer Potro which has just got completed is quite complex and equates me now; it is my ultimate piece at this point of time.


While making this film, I was asked by some elite men that if audience would be able to understand the film completely. I answered, “The creation is mine. A mother does not give birth to her child just to let him get admired by others. It is completely her own creation.” I believe that Streer Potro is born out of painful 10 months of detonation, and I deserve the basic rights to be happy, including the associated members of my filmmaking family. What if I put a challenge at the film buffs to decode my encoded emotions? I think they are intellectual enough to do so and familiar enough too.

Streer Potro is less about entertaining others, and more about putting cinematic knowledge at test. Harsh, dark, sarcastic, sensous and painful! This is Streer Potro for you.
Do I seem to torture the viewers? Torture by what means, I shall ask! 2 and half hours of a cinematic journey that breaks all the grammar of Cinema with an amalgamation of Salvador Dali and Rabindranath Tagore, is that what you call torture? Then, I do not think one should claim to be dear admirers of the either two. I do not torture anyone, never, but I may prove to torture one’s conscience, knowledge and passion, or putting them to examination.

Streer Potro is one of my creations that once again proves that Cinema is beyond language, it may irritate you but it is something that will let you think twice about an event or a visual happening and thus, you may apply it in your real life. This is Cinema for me!

While shooting this film, I worked for 18 hours a day, much lesser than the pain one suffers while bearing a child; but, carrying a creation is indeed a matter of concern for me and for the creation as well.


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