Review on Comic Fingers by Priyadarshi Banerjee

I have seen the film ‘Comic Fingers’ made by director Aneek Chaudhuri last week which makes me mesmerized  as I am late to write the review about it.

First of all this is a new Type of documentary film which successfully breaks the conventional  stereotype format of documentary film with its own creative way.The film is based on the  life of an internationally acclaimed cartoonist K.V Gautam where the film portrayed it with a beautiful fictional way.Here the storytelling is going simultaneously with the informative documentation and treated with emotional way.In  this film beside the storytelling the director silently focused on the tragedy,obstacles, patience and gradual establishment of an Artist.We may call it a docu-fiction where the  blending of visuals and narrations express the detailing of social, economical, personal and controversial aspects of the life of an  Artist with a realistic way which silently covered with sentiments and emotions.Technical works of this film like cinematography, sound designing, editing  etc are also very beautifully done which gives a creative rhythm to the audience.
The voice  of the narrator is also very touchy with the whole presentation of the  film.I want to give a big thanks to the director Aneek Chaudhuri and the whole unit of this film.
So I want to say everyone should watch this film and  I think this educational  film will definitely touch the audiences.I just love this film.I just LOVE it a lot……..

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