My Toys’ World is the expression adopted by Diganta Dey on the serious issues running around us in a very simplistic, but joyful manner. Here, toys have been referred to the doves that brought in a realization through the visual presentation than them acting as catalysts in establishing peace.

Longing for about 5 minutes, the film has tried to express a lot, which looked a bit ‘not synchronizing’ with the contextual background and certain things appeared to be over-imposed at times. However, the background score did good justice to the scenes and appreciable job done by the music director in this film. Moreover, the director’s noble view for making this film is also appreciable while he has taken a route that expresses the serious outcomes in a very playful manner and moreover, the subjects of the film have been considered to be non-living or toys, which is quite related to the fact public is no one but elements governed by situations. Overall, rather not taking the theme’s impact, I would like to rate the concept as 3 out of 5!

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