Cinema Bid Adieu is Aneek’s first feature film is ready for the cinephiles around the world. Cinema Bid Adieu is indeed another self-produced venture from AAMRA UNMAAD led by Aneek Chaudhuri. Now, if you ask what’s actually Cinema, Bid Adieu and why this name, I have the answer without acting as a hypocrite.

Cinema Bid Adieu is attempting to remove all the barriers of language in Cinema and henceforth, justifying the concept of World Cinema in its extreme essence. Here, the film is actually granting a temporal farewell to Cinema by knitting three short tales with the common theme, CONFLICT. In feature, CINEMA, BID ADIEU, there’s no other language used than Cinema itself creating a visual expression for everyone. Moreover, this is shot in BLACK AND WHITE format with hints of independent brilliance.

I would suggest all of you to give a watch at our venture, Cinema, bid adieu.


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