Bengali Cinema | Gautam Chattopadhyay as the Director


Mohiner Ghoraguli, the name that one is accustomed with, when I say Moni da, Gautam Chatterjee, or Gautam Chattopadhyay. But, what about him as a director, or do you even know that he had been a filmmaker? However, there’s nothing much to claim in favor of him, as no remains echo this attribute of Gautam’s.

Gautam crafted three movies, out of which only one got release, commercially i.e. Naagmoti. This is more of a docu-fiction or I must say fico-mentary; the film is based on live of gypsies and they were not actors but real-life Bede or Bedenis.  The gown got glorified with the President’s Award; however, the magic got diluted to the future generations. Now, it is incorrigible for any country to lose an award winning film. Oh! San Francisco is the fortunate one to have it then. It is both, not economically viable or mentally satisfactory to travel down the seven seas to attain the DVD of such a masterpiece.

Somoy is second feature, not to mention, as a rift with the producer did not happen to be fruitful for him as it did not release ever after.  It was succeeded by A Letter to Mom; telecasted was it at Doordarshan. Was it enough for him? The question should be “what else should the much deserved person be attaining as aid from his surroundings?” A lot should be the answer, so that his primary aim shan’t be overshadowed by his hobby.

He had also been a documentary filmmaker since 1970s and Primal Call was his debut venture in 1975. However, the one left incomplete (a feature though) and is to remain the same, I fear, is a film made on the life of Karbi Tribals named as Rongbin. The shooting started in 1999, adding up to an unfortunate cardiac arrest of Gautam Chattopadhyay.

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