Family Album | A Rainbow-tic Review on Seven Colors

by Aneek Chaudhuri


STORY: Their four-part family looks picture immaculate, however is brimming with lovelorn hearts that look for intimate romance. What’s more, it’s this journey and its point that commands their lives.

A scene from Family Album


Survey: Family Album is a full grown film. That is not on the grounds that it prepares the lens on some grave parts of our general public and their effect on human feelings and connections. Truth be told, that is precisely what it does. Be that as it may, the narrating’s excellence lies in its full grown utilization of silliness.


It’s not a giggling mob. Had it been that, the story would’ve doubtlessly choked to death. Be that as it may, Mainak has utilized a less difficult methodology. He kept the narrating simple and genuine. Accordingly, you don’t see anybody act. Each character goes about existence, perhaps pretty much as they would, all things considered, mishandling, grabbing for words, passing witty comments, snickering, crying…. All things considered, it’s generally a treat to watch a film that doesn’t feel like one. What’s more, that is the means by which genuine Family Album feels.


Coming to exhibitions, Paoli and Swastika show such crackling science that they could well turn into the following hit jodi of Tollywood! No joking! The two performing artists appear to be totally calm even while kissing. Separately, they have truly turned into their screen characters – Paoli, the chronically discouraged pro picture taker with a tomboyish advance, and Swastika, the bumbling bespectacled savant who even purchases a book to comprehend the subtleties of lesbian sex after she meets her woman in sparkling protective layer! With respect to group Riya-Ronodeep, the feelings are just there, yet for the on-screen character’s abuse of English. Indeed, every character feels genuine.


The following best thing about the film is its music, particularly the melodies. Unpretentious, yet sweet, the melodies without a doubt drive the feelings home. Indeed, even the foundation score mixes superbly with the storyline. Yet, the end leaves a great deal to the creative ability. A lot I’d say. Its suddenness doesn’t hurt, however does leave a void that could’ve been topped off a very small bit to spare us the after-thought.
More or less, Family Album is without a doubt a film you can observe alone or with grown-up associates. It will give you some significant knowledge into why you shouldn’t pass judgment on a book by its spread, or perhaps how you can abstain from judging inside and out.

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