A Brainy penetration through Her: The Muse

by Aneek Chaudhuri


Those were the days when beauty undraped in the artist’s perception soon got malignant through the streets of Kitsch studios; hence, the concept of Muse came in with a consent from the common man’s conscience. But, what’s actually a Muse for? I was feeling quite reluctant to jot blood onto my pen in order to inflict a subtle and unbiased view of the Muse. The name itself forms the intricate bridge between body and soul, feminism and masculinity.

Dali with her Muse, Gala


Be it Deli, Freud or Eluard, muses had indeed played an important, or to be precise, significant part in inspiring them. However, in most of the cases, the penetration came from within and the output was not physical, but visible in a very abstract form i.e through their creation. This often forms a contradiction lining up the penetration of sexual consciousness in an artist, whenever he comes in contact with his muse, or conveniently saying that a Muse had been ‘utilized’ as an object of seduction or sexual arousal in an artist. But, that’s not even partially true, if we leave a few exceptions.

Can you imagine your muse to stay beside you and gradually, an erection becomes the cause of disruption of all the intellectual activities? Then, an artist could easily marry a person, serving almost the same deeds, minus the ones that are parts of the intellectual forum.

Probing deeper into the concept, I will begin by defining intellect; here, in case of artistic creations, intellect is quite subjective to the perception of a particular artist. The theory of Authorship is again to define an artist’s intellect which can be almost distinctive due to the level of consciousness, subconsciousness, and unconsciousness in any person (here, artist). However, the end result should be to locate yourself reaching the heights of exploration in this very common world. This is the basic definition of intellect. But, if we again refer this to the stereotypical definition of the same, it may define it as the purpose to reach true conclusions in life; but, what is true to me might not be true to the second person, especially when we consider the fulfilment of artistic crisis among artists. Now, let’s define the concept of Muse in a very abstract manner.

Ancient Concept of Muse


When we try to discover ourselves, or try to reach definite conclusions in life, we are actually communicating through a form known as intrapersonal communication. A Muse serves the same purpose, i.e. to fulfill an artist’s communication needs with his own soul. Even if a nude lady lies down before the ‘he’, the artist still needs to apply his psycho-analytic, cognitive skills to bring about the desired picture of the lady. Doesn’t that mean that he is painting the lady who had been an object of his imagination all these days/nights? Feminism! There are elements of feminism and masculinity in every person, be it man or a woman. A Muse is the feminine side of the artist, which needs to be in coherence with the masculine portion of the body to reach the zenith of logical, as well as artistic conclusions. In this case, the Muse should be in contact with the artist and there has to be an intercourse between the two; now, in this case, the intercourse is with the mind.

Suppose, the anima or animus, or to say, the feminine side fuses with the masculine part of the body wholly combining to bring in a wholeness in the artist. The intercourse shall bring in the formation of a foetus that shall be the result of a soulful interaction that too with one’s other half. The womb shall be the ideal producer of the child i.e. ideas that sprouts down through the brain.

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