Anubrata, Bhalo Achho? – Love for Morbidity

by Aneek Chaudhuri

Anubrata, Bhalo Achho? is the latest venture by Partha Sen, which has proved to be a decorated coffin of morbidity and such a lavish affair has been celebrated with intense emotions, drama, and sentiments. Though, it has been quite different from the typical depiction of death, it has aroused certain notions that claim death as the accepted destiny. But, in no way, this restricts the dreamer to desertion. The film explores relationships going through a decayed stage, more due to the sufferings of the better half; Anubrata is the central character in this film, played by Ritwick Chakraborty. This paper will conduct a character analysis, especially that of Anubrata, hence, presenting a well-deserved appreciation for the film.


A: courageous

N: imaginative

U: indecisive

B: Needs Partner

R: Confident

A: Adventurous

T: Emotionally expressive

A: Determined


These are the characteristics of the lead character of this film. In a convenient manner, the parallelism  could be drawn with the sequences taking place in the film as well. Talking of celebration of morbidity, Ritwick da has portrayed this in a prolific momentum. Everything seems to be in place, the velocity of the dialogue delivery in the subtle piece. Here, mass refers to the quality of the context used by Partha Sen, as a director.


The film revolves around Anubrata and the beginning is the portrayal of his wife’s endangered condition. However, more of being concerned of his wife’ probable death, he decorates her death. This is indeed tough for any husband to beautify a wife’s doom. However, Anubrata has been doing so with ease. This correlates with the alphabetic feature of N.


Anubrata seems to be indecisive when he meets Swastika Mukherji at the hospital, who has been visiting her husband there. Now, this forms the connection between two almost parallel characters in the film and both have been seeking console. However, Ritwick a.k.a. Anubrata could be seen indulged in the intimacy more due to his adventurous cum expressive approach. Search for what! It’s neither love, nor lust, but he has been occupied with notions of adventure and indecisiveness. This has been both, shown and acted with perfection.


Justification gets highly perceived when both the healthy beings (in comparison to their better halves) get romantically involved conceptualizing to tour to the past and heal things. A time machine has been surrogated in apt way. In other words, this is the mannerism of making love through an interpreter, where both Swastika and Ritwick acts surrogates or interpreters to each other.

An important character has been played by Kharaj Mukherjee who possesses a perennial memory of his death dog by recording his voice. His bonding with Anubrata had been contrasted with Anubrata’s attaining a threshold after he had frequent encounters with Swastika.


The film takes a turn when Anubrata loses access to Swastika; this turns him to withdraw the concept of imaginative surrogacy and hence, goes back to his wife, Debolina. The last sequence appears to be both disturbing as well as a practical input to his imagination. He kisses death, that’s what it symbolizes when his touched Debolina’s lips and made intense love with morbidity (or at least, a stage referring to death).
‘Anubrata, Bhalo Accho?’ the ultimate words that the context echoes to him is the perfect ending to such a delight from Partha Sen. 7 out of 10 to the movie and 8 to the director for attempting such a bright, morbid affair.

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